Nigerian Tourism Development Corporation Hackathon 2022

With an endowed geographical landscape which comprises the coastal beaches, mountains, historical monuments, wildlife, UNESCO approved heritage centres and diverse culture, Nigeria should be able to create a niche in global tourism but instead, the industry is beset by several challenges. advanced technology in travel and an increased holiday culture. Before the pandemic, the industry in 2019 was heralded for its 10.3% contribution of global GDP ($8.9 trillion), and for providing 330 million jobs (1 in 10) around the world.

The goal of the Nigerian Tourism Development Corporation in the next 3-4 years is to improve the country’s ranking on the WEF competitiveness index by solving some of these frictions using digital tools that will be developed at scale within 18-24 months. We want to be able to imagine a future in which a tourist journey’s experience is fully enhanced by the digitization of all support activities (from pre-booking stages until experiencing the destination), with more digital interactions supported by data shared in a customized, secure and private way between the different players of the tourism ecosystem.

In this competition, you are invited to submit proposals for scalable and sustainable applications that can serve as a reference point for the Nigerian tourism sector. The top 5 proposals will be invited to a physical hackathon at the UNWTO Global Tourism Conference to be held in Lagos, and the overall winners will receive prizes, as well as invitation to startup accelerator programmes, mentorship and other resources to build out their solution.

Please note this is not a machine learning or Blockchain hackathon, it is the first phase of a larger hackathon hosted by BYCEP.

What to build

Scalable applications anticipated from the participating developers should be built on top of flexible platforms, and must aim to provide innovative, safe and sustainable experiences for consumer and business travelers.

You are expected to build applications that ensure parties in the Nigerian Tourism ecosystem can have user-friendly access and take into consideration Smart integration of information, Multimodal mobility services, Customized route optimization, with Sustainability for continuous improvements in place.

Your solution should present a functional user experience to anyone, anywhere, no matter how remote. This includes serving areas of low internet penetration and low smartphone adoption.

The solution:

  • Offers transparency to all relevant stakeholders
  • Builds trust and confidence and encourages consumers to travel post-pandemic.
  • Solves pain points for consumer and business travelers.
  • Solves at least one or more of the problems faced by the industry (See the NTDC DG’s brief)
  • Implements ideas and solutions that are safe and cost-efficient.
  • Are scalable and customizable for regional and local travel markets and customer segments.
  • Are profitable and sustainable as products, experiences, and, if possible, as businesses.

Nigerian Tourism Development Corporation Hackathon 2022 Evaluation

Note that there are no leaderboard scores for this competition, as evaluations will be completed by a panel of judges.

Judging Criteria

  • Originality – 30 %
  • Innovation – 25 %
  • Code Logic analysis – 10 %
  • System Design and architecture – 15 %
  • Ease of Implementation/Deployment – 20 %

Nigerian Tourism Development Corporation Hackathon 2022 Prizes

  • Winners stand a chance to win both cash and in-kind prizes
  • Grand Prize Winners get an all-expense paid trip to Madrid, Spain to represent Nigeria at the UNWTO
  • Innovation Challenge
  • Acceptance into the Acceleration program
  • Access to follow-up funding from BYCEP and partners
  • Mentorship from BYCEP and partners

Other benefits include:

  • Developer Badges for everyone that completes a successfully submitted app or web service
  • Access to partner companies looking to hire developers
  • Access to partner companies with project managers with experience building or managing Enterprise applications.


Please note that the submission of interest must all be completed before the 4th of November for you or your team to be eligible for the final stage held at the UNWTO Global Conference on the 14th of November.

Stage 1
Join the BYCEP Slack channels to start engaging with fellow builders and creators and Technical administrators for the Hackathon.

Stage 2
Each individual must fill out this Google Form to participate.


  • Apply as an individual or form a team of three persons and select a team lead. (We encourage having female representation).
  • All team members are expected to join Slack if they are yet to do so (Stage 1).
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