Ooni’s wife, Olori Tobi Phillips shares testimony of how she became his third wife

Ooni’s wife, Queen Tobi shares touching testimony of how she became his third wife

Part of her statement reads,

“A little black story…..

I planned this Bridal Collection and shoot for months, asked a few friends to model for me but they seemed unavailable. So at some point, I decided to do it myself and I had that very deep urge to go all out for the shoot… Making it look as Fairytale as Possible. And a friend of mine Facilitated the shoot.

Apparently, Mo te Eleda Lorun by having this dream wedding shoot, without knowing I will be getting married soon..

Well…. I’ve always being the type who follows how she feels within, without questioning how foolish it may seem to others.

Late July or Early August someone made a statement that struck a nerve in me, I kept my cool with a smile…

(This Guy literally said ‘He doesn’t see my kind of woman getting married because he thinks I’m too vavavoom)

And that was the straw that broke the camel’s back. I mean in the past 1 year I hadn’t really questioned God nor requested any major thing.

So, I practically promised God that I would share my Public Testimony by singing and dancing every Sunday on Social Media for as many Sundays as it requires for him to grant me a gift that will shock people who had said or done mean things to me…

(Stating clearly that I don’t know what gift it would be, but that I am trusting him)…….”.

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